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POPS Grading Services
POPS Encapsulation Services - Pops Preservation Services
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POPS Encapsulation Services

Our case is built with the strongest acrylic out there. American made right in our backyard. Not only that, but the custom designed metal plaques are also manufactured by an American distributor. We are doing everything we can to keep this business close to home as you intend to keep your Pops close to home. These sleek cases are air tight and stackable to ensure preservation of your favorite POP!

Plaque colors are currently Black/Silver, Black/Gold, Red/Silver, Blue/Silver, and Green/Silver.

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PGS: POPS Grading Services

We here at PGS have been waiting for this day to arrive. We welcome each and every one of you to begin the exploration into our world of, let's just say, the finer things. For years, the community has been complaining about damaged cases, authenticity, and value! While you were speaking out, we were listening. The time has come and PGS is working diligently to be there for you.

Pops Grading Services will ensure the highest standard of grading, protection, and authentication of POP! Collections.

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