Grading Process

Our grading system is a process by which our Grading Analysts evaluate the condition of the Pop! Our grading scale has been formulated by a strong consensus of Pop! enthusiasts. We have deliberated and compared other grading systems to come up with the most fluid and reliable system possible.  
Our goal is to build a solid reputation in the industry and to be known for our strict grading standards. We are striving to build a trustworthy rapport with you, our fellow collectors, by authenticating and grading Pops!. We take our time inspecting every microfiber of the box and paint lines of the Pop!, as well as its authenticity. We use LED lighting and microscopes to identify every detail, with the hopes of finding that elusive 10!


PGS uses a trusted 20 point grading system with a scale of 1-10 (i.e 7, 7.5, 8). Our team of expert graders examines all six faces, eight corners and the figure.

Once your Pop! is graded, the grade is posted to your Customer Portal with a detailed description and five pictures.

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